About Blues Music: Sylvester Weaver

About Blues Music: Sylvester Weaver

Born: July 25, 1896 or 1897

Died: April 4, 1960

Sylvester Weaver played blues guitar and was a pioneer of country blues. Like many bluesmen, he worked blue collar jobs as a porter, a chauffeur, packer and janitor. In 1923, he recorded “Guitar Blues” and “Guitar Rag”, the first blues guitar instrumentals, first recorded country blues and the first known recordings of a slide guitar!¬†¬†Weaver often played his guitar using a knife as a slide, bottleneck style. Since 1989, the Kentuckiana Blues Society has presented its Sylvester Weaver Award annually to honor those who have rendered outstanding services to blues music.

Essential Blues Music Tracks from Sylvester Weaver:
Guitar Rag

Bottleneck Blues

Can’t be Trusted Blues

Guitar Blues

Famous for Playing With: Sara Martin

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