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This is a work in progress. I’m a using my interest in blues music as a backdrop for learning how to create a dynamic website using WordPress. If you check back occasionally, you’ll see tightened appearances and new functionalities as I learn how to make them work. All while creating a resource to understand more about this kind of music.

I was raised on classic rock, and as an adult, I love exploring the music that inspired the British Invasion and other early rock and rollers. My favorites are acoustic blues from the Mississippi Delta and hill country. This website is a work in progress where I’m attempting to catalogue the best bluesmen from that era and similar artists. ¬†These artists play¬†songs that are gems of guitar accompaniment, harmonica licks and lyrics.

For those interested, I learned that wikipedia content is available for reuse as long as they are credited. While I intend to update my entries for originality’s sake, being able to use Wikipedia enabled me to put in content quickly, which makes building the site much easier.

Originally I used links to Amazon’s affiliate programs so that you could buy recommended music or instruments like these masters used. Amazon requires activity for those links to remain active. I wasn’t using this as a money making platform but rather as an educational tool so I could be familiar with how to put affiliate links onto a website. When I focus on content again, I will still use links, but those $.0000000001 commissions will go to Amazon instead of me (that sounds like the subject of a blues song if you ask me!)

The Jam Tracks tab includes blues rhythms for you to jam over. I’m using that as a platform to better learn how to record on Garageband and play a rhythm against a click track and drum machine.

I also plan to update using social media to experiment with what kinds of posts generate response, and how to best hootsuite to manage social media. I’ll share both content updates and back end modifications.

I’ll try to update when I make changes so you can learn what can be done with WordPress and perhaps get ideas yourself. And – hopefully you’ll get hooked on the blues while you’re at it.

This is part of the Gorilla River DIY media production and publishing family, so expect plugs for other stuff to sneak in there, most notably my book Producing Success: A Career Guide for Conference Producers and my upcoming album, the UnPleasant Festival.

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