About Blues Music: Sleepy John Estes

About Sleepy John Estes: (Jan. 25, 1899 or 1900 – June 5, 1977) Blind in one eye, Sleepy John Estes didn’t let vision issues hamper his love for the blues. He was known for his distinctive “crying” vocal style. He enjoyed a 50-year music career but was found living in poverty during a comeback phase, revival of his music.


What is blues music about according to Sleepy John Estes: Estes wrote about local color, folks he encountered in everyday life, including a mechanic, a judge, lawyer and senator.


How to gear up like Sleepy John Estes: Try a Kay Lark Junior Archtop guitar


Essential Blues music tracks from Sleepy John Estes: “Drop Down Mama” and “Someday Baby Blues” “Railroad Police Blues.”


Famous for playing with: Hammie Nixon, James Rachell, Jab Jones


Listen to clips: “Drop Down Mama” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxBVxU6VVvg

“Someday Baby” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcfo3xcDoS0